Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Playlist - 19 January, 2011

- 'Justice' by Athanor (The Power Of A New Aeon: Musical Impressions Of The Tarot)
- 'Turbo Lover' by Mothburner (Turbo Lover 7")
- 'Mesmerism' by Dead Can Dance (Spleen And Ideal)
- 'Death Disco' by Exedra (Strobelights Vol. 2)
- 'Delerium' by Skeleton Sex (The Sexy Zombies: Trapped In A Cobweb)
- 'Shakespeare' by Bunker Strasse (Untitled Bunker Strasse / Model Martial demo)
- 'The Fallen Kingdom' by Descendants Of Cain (Briah - Of Man And Magician)
- 'The Mist' by Shadowhouse (Demo)
- 'Safe Little World' by Die Laughing (Heaven In Decline)
- 'Lesbische Voodoo Teenagers' by Norma Loy (Psychic Altercation)
- 'Dolls And Corpses' by Nietzsche's Bitch (Nietzsche's Bitch EP)
- 'Suffocation Leads To Exemption' by Stigmata Martyr (New Dark Age Vol. 2)
- 'The Edge Of The Abyss' by Mortuo Similis (Rise And Fall Of Stars demo)

* And don't forget, Shadowplay will not be on next Wednesday (26 January), as Three D are doing the Australia Day Top 101 all day. We'll be back on 2 February!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Playlist - 12 January, 2011

- 'His Box' by Dali's Car (The Waking Hour)
- 'The Nun's New Clothes' by Patti Palladin (Young Limbs & Numb Hymns)
- 'Ruined Spirit' by Dead Souls Rising (Clepsydre)
- 'Emanuelle' by Ex-Voto (Gothik)
- 'Soupirs' by Charles De Goal (3)
- 'Point Blank' by Sanguis Et Cinis (Thirteen)
- 'Sahara Seas' by Judith (La Reveuse)
- 'Lady Winter' by Poetry Of Shadows (Spheres Of Knowledge)
- 'Kiss Kiss Bang Bang' by Specimen (Returning From A Journey 7" - bat-shaped vinyl)
- 'Girl With A Gun' by Bone Orchard (Jack)
- 'Die Axt' by Fliehende Sturme (Priesthill)
- 'Seven' by Escarlatina Obsessiva (Pandemic)
- 'Graveyard Love Song' by Miguel And The Living Dead (Alarm!!!)
- 'M.I.A.' by The Weegs (Meat The Weegs)

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Playlist - 5 January, 2011

- 'Broomstick' by Eleven Shadows (Witchcraft: A Gothic Compilation)
- 'Transference Of Aeonic Energies' by Darkness Enshroud (Totentanz)
- 'While You Sleep' by Brighter Death Now (Flowers Made Of Snow)
- 'Devilcosm 1 Air' by Psychonaut 75 (The Primordial Deep)
- 'Passerby' by Guilty Strangers (Walking The Wire)
- 'Sorrow' by The Cold (Sonorium)
- 'Inerme e Lontano' by Avant-Garde (Iron In Flesh)
- 'Supergothinferno' by Sepulchrum Mentis (Supergothinferno)
- 'Teenage Vampire' by Killing Miranda (Teenage Vampire EP)
- 'Masquerade (Acte 1)' by Vendemmian (Stars, Hide Your Fires!)
- 'She Went' by Blood Orange (The Sexy Zombies - Trapped In A Cobweb)
- 'Eclissi (Dell Anima)' by Bohemien (Danze Pagana)
- 'Daniel's Car' by Sister Mary Shoelace (The Blasphemous Ceremony)

In Loving Memory - Phrenology EP

We played 'Emmanuelle' on the show last month - here's the link to the EP, which you can download from Zorch Factory Records, originally released by Vault 106 and Toadstool Mycena Records.

In Loving Memory - Phrenology EP