Monday, November 28, 2011

Playlist + Podcast - 27 November, 2011

- 'We Fall' by Siouxsie & The Banshees (Fireworks 12")
- 'Overgrown Eyes' by Siiiii (Smoke & Spotlight Vol. 2)
- 'Je M'Ennui' by Trop Tard (Ils Etaient 9 Dans L'Obscurite)
- 'Vers L'Azur' by Lucie Cries (Exterieur Nuit comp.)
- 'Wings' by Girls Under Glass (Equilibrium)
- 'Faith For The Faithless' by Summerland (Dark Eyed & Starry They Were II)
- 'Forever And A Day' by Charnel House (Dark Eyed & Starry They Were II)
- 'Orchid Dreaming' by Big Electric Cat (Dreams For A Mad King)
- 'Deliverance (Sorcerer's Mix)' by The Mission (Anthology)
- 'Cimetiere' by Jacquy Bitch (Haine)
- 'Banshee' by Antiworld (Comedy Of Terror)
- 'Grave Dance' by 13th Moon (Smoke & Spotlight Vol. 4)
- 'Medea Of Nowhere' by Shinjuku Thief (Medea)

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Monday, November 21, 2011

Playlist + Podcast - 20 November, 2011

- 'Totentanz' by Aghast (Hexerei Im Zwielight Der Finsternis)
- 'Nightingale' by Mephisto Walz (Nightingale)
- 'Speak Our Tongue (Angel Mix)' by Medicine Rain (New Alternatives III)
- 'Tender' by Beyond Dawn (Revelry)
- 'Black Generation' by Pavillon 7B (Transmission 81-89)
- 'Road Of Bones' by March Violets (Love Will Kill You EP)
- 'Emmanuelle' by In Loving Memory (Phrenology EP)
- 'Death Disco' by ExEdrA (Strobelights Vol. 2)
- 'Waiting For The Black Wave' by Madame B Meets Guilty Strangers (Madame B Meets Guilty Strangers)
- 'Elegant Fuckery' by Crimson Muddle (Nocturne)
- 'Eris Unbound' by Minnie D'Arc (demo)

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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Belle Of Chaos

We've played Belle Of Chaos a few times on Shadowplay, and always have people contacting us asking about them. I bought the CD after one of their concerts back in 1997, and didn't realise it was still available. Well, it is for sale HERE at Oz Music Books for only $8.00 + postage.

According to the Oz Music website, Belle Of Chaos were "a unique Adelaide band who combined sounds similar to The Fall, Birthday Party, Pogues and Hawkwind in a new and original manner. They existed 1992-1997." Well worth buying!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Playlist + Podcast - 13 November, 2011

- 'The Peasant' by Vestfalia's Peace (Ten Years Lost)
- 'Lady Of Death' by Call (Obsession)
- 'Goth' by Baterz (Goth)
- 'A Forest' by Creaming Jesus (Bark EP)
- 'Elves' by The Fall (The Wonderful And Frightening World Of ...)
- 'Slant And Slide' by Rubella Ballet (Gothic Rock 3)
- 'This Old Oscillator' by A Spectre Is Haunting Europe (New Dark Age Vol. 4)
- 'Black Wheel' by Winterland (Ceremony)
- 'Cascades' by Die Laughing (Heaven In Decline)
- 'Weaving Spiders Come Not Here' by Angels Of Liberty (Black Madonna EP)
- 'Long Dead And Rotting' by Corpse Cabaret (First EP)
- 'Take The Chalice' by Persephone Eyes (Closer)
- 'Azul Profundo' by Cyteres (Un Viaja A Cyteres EP)
- 'Pretty Toy' by Velvet Acid Christ (Utopia Dystopia)

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Monday, November 7, 2011

Playlist + Podcast - 6 November, 2011

- 'The Summerland Meadows' by Friends Of Alice Ivy (In The Gloaming)
- 'Divinity' by The Mirror Reveals (Divinity)
- 'This Is The Party' by Scissor Pretty (Are You Home? EP)
- 'Sore' by This Gentle Flow (Candles & Intrigue Vol. 2)
- 'La Cosa' by Madre Del Vizio (Amare L'Amore)
- 'Demise Of Eden' by Jerusalem Syndrome (The Book Of Days)
- 'Wreck' by Clair Obscur (A Collection Of Isolated Tracks)
- 'Midnight Moon Swing' by Audra (Going To The Theatre)
- 'Echoes Of Never' by Frank The Baptist (Different Degrees Of Empty)
- 'An Eye For The Main Chance' by Rosetta Stone (An Eye For The Main Chance)
- 'The Sacrifice' by Scarlet's Remains (The Palest Grey)
- 'Santa Violenta' by Le Vene Di Lucretia (Le Vene Di Lucretia)
- 'La Ciega' by Gorgonas (Nocturno Kaos)
- 'Violence' by Dr Arthur Krause (Before And After)

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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Angels Of Liberty - The Black Madonna EP

Oh yes, it's here!  The new Angels Of Liberty EP has just been released ... and we think it's even better than their previous release.  Pure, unadulterated GOTH ROCK!

Head over here to purchase the EP for a measley £6.66 (of course!) + postage - and stay tuned to Shadowplay (and Cathedral 13 in general).