Thursday, April 29, 2010

Playlist - 28 April, 2010

- 'The Smoking Room' by No Kisses (No Kisses Demo)
- 'Immaculada' by La Vene Di Lucretia (Zoundbies Vol. 1) *
- 'Decline And Fall' by Virgin Prunes (If I Die, I Die)
- 'In Heaven' by Miranda Sex Garden (Suspiria)
- 'Les Larmes De Sang' by L'Enfance Eternelle (1984 - 1991)
- 'Orchids In Ruin' by All Gone Dead (Fallen & Forgotten)
- 'Glance In Your Eyes' by Norma Loy (Romance 12")
- 'Mundi Cannibal' by Los Carniceros Del Norte (Zoundbies Vol. 1) *
- 'Queiro Ser Tu Papa' by El Viejo Matadero (Las Cosas Que Te Conte Mientras Morias)
- 'Cheeks' by Bloody Dead And Sexy (Narcotic Room)
- 'Pleasure Garden' by In Mitra Medusa Inri (Long Forgotten World)
- 'Lucretia, My Reflection' by Sisters Of Mercy (A Slight Case Of Overbombing) **
- 'Catastrophic Cognitive Void' by Black Lung (The Wonderful And Frightening World Of Black Lung)

* Feature Album
** Request

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Playlist - 21 April, 2010

- 'My Eyes Hurt' by Black Ice (Terrible Birds)
- 'Unhittable' by Soul Whirling Somewhere (Eating The Sea)
- 'Apple' by Far Away (Far From The Madding Crowd)
- 'Heart In Hand' by Nadja (Very Unjust)
- 'Mephisto Inside' by Violet Sky (Violet Sky Demo)
- 'Garnet' by In Somnis Veritas (Plan X From The Eastern Dark) *
- 'Te Gusara' by La Unida Del Dolor (Zoundbies Vol. 1) **
- 'Toundra' by Clair Obscur (The Pilgrim's Progress)
- 'Nickel' by Doppelganger (XII Steps)
- 'Vida Telequinetica' by La Peste Negra (Zoundbies Vol. 1) **
- 'Cypress Perfume' by Quidam (Barking, Mewing, Hissing And Mocking)
- 'Mater Tenebrurum (Opus Tenebrarum) by Samsas Traum (Mysticum 1)

* Available on the Zorch Factory Records website
** Feature Album

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Playlist - 14 April, 2010

- 'The Sea Whisperer' by Lisa Gerrard (The Silver Tree)
- 'Flashback' by Danielle Dax (Dark Adapted Eye)
- 'Paralleles' by Charles De Goal (3)
- 'Cities In Dust' by Siouxsie And The Banshees (Tinderbox)
- 'The Maze' by Hysteria (Behind The Veil 12")
- 'Rats' by Disjecta Membra (Achromaticia)
- 'Augen-Blick' by X-Mal Deutschland (Tocsin)
- 'Reconsider!' by Murder At The Registry (Filed 93-03)
- 'Feed Your Soul' by Karma Deva (Zoundbies Vol. 1) *
- 'Assimilation' by Kindred Spirits (No Room For Laughter)
- 'Unidos' by Paralisis Permanente (Los Singles)
- 'Artemis' by Joy Disaster (Joy Disaster EP)
- 'En Hiver' by Cinema Strange (Cinema Strange)
- 'Raise Your Wings Like Fire' by Forthcoming Fire (Ekhnaton)

* Feature Album

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Playlist - 7 April, 2010

- 'Zerdruckte Kehle' by Endraum (In Flimmernder Nacht ...)
- 'Circles Of Mania' by Coil (Horse Rotorvator)
- 'Proximity Switch (Accidents In Paradise)' by Informatics (Accidents In Paradise 12")
- 'Electric' by Alien Skull Paint (Nobody Dies Twice 12")
- 'Girl With A Gun' by Bone Orchard (Jack)
- 'Say It Isn't So' by Executive Slacks (Fire & Ice)
- 'Death Angel' by The Evil Speaks (Resounding)
- 'Rosa Alchemica' by Thelema (Tantra)
- 'The Girl' by Southern Death Cult (Southern Death Cult 12")
- 'Les Tambours Lointains' by Dazibao (Les Cemetière Des Passions)
- 'Les Enfants Damnés' by Jacquy Bitch (Zoundbies Vol. 1) *
- 'Plants' by Red Voice Choir (A Thousand Reflections)
- 'Tough Days' by Blue Cross (Demo)
- 'Gaia' by Monica Richards (Infrawarrior)

* Feature Album

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Playlist - 31 March, 2010

- 'Anywhere Out Of The World' by Dead Can Dance (A Passage In Time)
- 'Reptilian' by Imprint (Zoundbies Vol. 1) *
- 'Black' by The Shroud (In The Garden)
- 'Damned Game' by Hysteric Helen (Zoundbies Vol. 1) *
- 'Burn' by Arts And Decay (Trails Of Tears)
- 'Slow Drip Lizard' by March Violets (The Botanic Verses)
- 'In Her House' by Screams For Tina (Screams For Tina)
- 'Burning Waters' by Like Wreckage (Kaliffornian Deathrock)
- 'Dust' by 13 Bats (Dust EP)
- 'Dogs' by Christian Death (Deathwish)
- 'Right As Rain' by Rosetta Stone (The Tyranny Of Inaction)
- 'Mirror My Love' by Deviate Ladies (Tenebrae)
- 'It's Time To ...' by Drama Of The Spheres (Dancing Bones)

* Feature Album