Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Playlist + Podcast - 23 June, 2013

-  'New Primitivism' by Memorandum (Ichor)
-  'Drifting (Candlelit Version)' by Der Somnia
-  'O! What A Dream It Was' by Future Bible Heroes (12 Tales comp.)
-  'Going To The Theatre' by Audra (Going To The Theatre)
-  'L'Echo Des Lumières' by Excès Nocturne (Excès Nocturne 12")
-  'Rituals' by Der Mittelgang (Rituals 7")
-  'Crystal Lake' by Persephone Eyes (Closer)
-  'Everyday I'm Crucified' by The Chameleons (The Fan And The Bellows)
-  'Cupido' by Murder At The Registry (Filed: 93-03)
-  'Boulevard' by Babylonian Tiles (Green Midnight Glow)
-  'Disincanto' by Avant-Garde (Antitesi)
-  'Ascesis' by Breathing Of Bones (Bipolar Sounds 2 comp.)
-  'Antoinette Marionette' by Disjecta Membra (Achoromaticia expanded digital reissue)
-  'Condenados Por La Sangre' by Metro Ketamina (Darkwave From The South comp.)

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Monday, June 17, 2013

Playlist + Podcast - 16 June, 2013

-  'For Years' by Dead Curtis (Day Of Forever EP)*
-  'On The Other Side' by Silke Bischoff (Silke Bischoff)
-  'Centuries' by Spiritual Cramp (Time)
-  'Warmth Beneath Winter (Euro Mix)' by Brother Orchid (Winter Shadow)
-  'Unveiled Illusion' by Lyncelia (Assigned, For Disillusion)
-  'Road Of Bones' by March Violets (Made Glorious)
-  'She's In Parties' by Ikon (The Passion Of Covers comp.)
-  'Faking Lies' by Manuskript (I Can't Believe It's Not Goth)
-  'Cathy' by Altered States (Is Anyone Out There?)
-  'Dracula' by The Cemetary Girlz (Opus Vitae)
-  'Soliloquy' by Also (Fragments And Illusions)
-  'I'm Deep' by Hysteric Helen (Original Snuff Soundtrack)
-  'Forever (DJ Mix)' by Resurrection Eve (Ancient Curse)

*  Sorry, on the show we meant that the Day Of Forever EP was new, not the band Dead Curtis ;)

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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Playlist + Podcast - 9 June, 2013

-  'Around the Bed' by L'Etroit Phallus / Hymn (Sex & Bestiality)
-  'Stormbringer' by Dream Into Dust (Presumed Guilty comp.)
-  'Our Scent Rides The Breeze' by Eden (Healingbow)
-  'Ismael' by Erblast (II)
-  'She Went' by Blood Orange (The Sexy Zombies comp.)
-  'Regal Zone' by Siouxsie And The Banshees (Join Hands)
-  'Termination Notice' by Belle Of Chaos (Belle Of Chaos)
-  'The Wiccaman' by Nosferatu (Legend)
-  'Plague Dance' by Faith And The Muse (Evidence Of Heaven)
-  'Girl Under The Water' by Angels Of Liberty (Pinnacle Of The Draco)
-  'Dios/Hombre' by La Peste Negra (Ritos Ancestrales)
-  'Stanza' by Madre Del Vizio (Un Mondo Dove)
-  'Ite Missa Est' by Deadchovsky (Spiritus Sancti Bizarre)
-  'Predigt (Blechschädel Mix)' by Gruftschlampen (Raben)

Monday, June 3, 2013

Playlist + Podcast - 2 June, 2013

-  '8442' by Arts And Decay (Trails Of Tears)
-  'Trans Lucia' by Trance To The Sun (Bloom Flowers, Bloom!)
-  'Pluto Drive' by The Creatures (Boomerang)
-  'Michelle' by Clan Of Xymox (Medusa)
-  'The Whip' by Carcrash International (The Whip comp.)
-  'Jet Black' by Exotic Pets Erotica (Alternative England comp.)
-  'Skin Trade' by Disjecta Membra (Achromaticia)
-  'In My Coffin' by Cult Of The Psychic Fetus (Funeral Home Sessions)
-  'Island Of Zombie Women' by The Horatii (What Sweet Music They Make)
-  'Puppet's Dance' by Strange Dolls Cult (Puppet's Dance 7")
-  'Elegant Fuckery' by Crimson Muddle (Nocturne)
-  'Cypress Perfume' by Quidam (Barking, Mewing, Hissing & Mocking)
-  'Murderer's Dance' by Sleeping Children (Lullabies For Debauchery)
-  'Sin (Live)' by Dead Souls Rising (Clepsydre)

* Image is a still from 'Metropolis', 1927

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