Thursday, February 24, 2011

Playlist - 23 February, 2011

- 'Stormbringer' by Dreams Into Dust (Presumed Guilty compilation)
- 'In The Garden' by Das Zeichen (Aufgewacht)
- 'So True' by Frolic (To Dream, Perchance To Sleep)
- 'Ideals And Pains' by Love Is Colder Than Death (Eclipse)
- 'Black Human Cells' by Dorcel (Sins EP)
- 'She's Lost Control' by Joy Division (Unknown Pleasures)
- 'La Passion De Jours' by Exces Nocturne (Exces Nocturne EP)
- 'Sweethome Under White Clouds' by Virgin Prunes (If I Die, I Die)
- 'Reunion & Death' by Chants Of Maldoror (Ritual demo)
- 'Banshee' by Antiworld (Collection)
- 'Reflection' by The Cemetary Girlz (Smoke My Brain)
- 'Sahara' by The Razor Skyline (Dark Water Oasis)

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Playlist - 16 February, 2011

- 'Shallow Than A Halo' by Thesaintcyr (De L'Autre Cote Du Mirroir compilation)
- 'That's The Way' by Thanatos (From Across This Grey Land Vol. 3)
- 'Burning On The Brink' by Bain Wolfkind (Music For Lovers & Gangsters)
- 'Primrose' by Mors Syphilitica (Primrose)
- 'Immortal' by Heresie (Under Bridges Of Silence)
- 'Hospital Problems' by A Spectre Is Haunting Europe (Smoke & Spotlight Vol. 1)
- 'Smack' by Sete Nomes (Under The Southern Sky compilation)
- 'Tonight - edit' by Recur (Recur)
- 'There's No Time To Recall' by The Frozen Autumn (Fragments Of Memories)
- 'Return (Coming Home)' by Cruxshadows (Wishfire)
- 'Waiting For The Black Wave' by Madame B Meets Guilty Strangers (Madame B Meets Guilty Strangers)
- 'Speak, Marauder!' by Cinema Strange (The Astonished Eyes Of Evening)
- 'Absolution' by Naughty Zombies (The Lost Songs)
- 'While You Sleep' by Brighter Death Now (Kamikaze Kabaret)

Madame B Meets Guilty Strangers

New music from friends of Shadowplay, Guilty Strangers - this time they're teaming up with experimental, electronic French artist Madame B.

The album is a fragmented, surreal and beautiful soundscape. We especially love the deep and bass-y (is that a word?) 'Waiting For The Black Wave'.

Get it here!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Playlist - 9 February, 2011

Anita's birthday special :)

- 'Carnival Of Light' by Dead Can Dance (Dead Can Dance)
- 'In Your Hand' by Attrition (The Realm Of The Hungry Ghosts)
- 'Spy In The Cab' by Bauhaus (In The Flat Field)
- 'Lilies' by Cranes (Loved)
- 'Appealing Skies' by Corpus Delicti (Obsessions)
- 'Sin (live)' by Dead Souls Rising (Clepsydre)
- 'Barbaric Breath' by Morthem Vlade Art (Herbo Dou Diable)
- 'An Eye For The Main Chance' by Rosetta Stone (Adrenaline)
- 'Splinters' by Big Electric Cat (Eyelash)
- 'Malediction' by Die Laughing (Heaven In Decline)
- 'Forgotten Lover' by My Bat's Name Is Rex (The Sexy Zombies: Trapped In A Cobweb)
- 'Inconstancy' by Plastique Noir (Dead Pop)
- 'Monkey Illusions' by Strange Dolls Cult (Demo)
- 'Rocking Horse Night' by Death In June (Abandon Tracks!)

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Playlist - 2 February, 2011

- 'Believers Of The Unpure' by Christian Death (The Wind Kissed Pictures)
- 'Reaping The Fallen ... The First Harvest' by Ordo Equilibrio (Reaping The Fallen ... The First Harvest)
- 'Last Winter' by Amateur God (Xenofeelia)
- 'Into The Dark' by Siglo XX (Live Sides)
- 'Shaving My Neck' by Gene Loves Jezebel (Gothic Rock 1 comp.)
- 'Tengo un Pasajero' by Paralisis Permanente (El Acto)
- 'Endless Summer Of The Damned' by Bauhaus (Go Away White)
- 'EST (Trip To The Moon)' by Alien Sex Fiend (Liquid Head In Tokyo)
- 'Crystal Lake' by Persephone Eyes (Control EP)
- 'The Cross On The Wall' by Crucifix Nocturnal Christians (Darkwave From The South comp)
- 'Vanished From My Pocket' by 13th Moon (Plan X From The Eastern Dark)
- 'Brich Aus!' by Quidam (Barking, Mewing, Hissing & Mocking)
- 'Memory & Conflict' by Harvest Moon (Songs From Evening)