Wednesday, June 24, 1998

Playlist - 24 June, 1998

- 'Altitude Zero' by A Spell Inside (Taste This 4)
- 'Spell Of Harmony' by Beltane (Demo)
- 'She Falls Down' by Faithful Dawn (Sounds Of Nightbreed 2)
- 'Crowds' by Googoomops (Googoomops)
- 'No Solution' by Law Of The Dawn (Taste This 4)
- 'Heads On Spikes' by Manuskript (Dark End comp.)
- 'Ave Dementia' by The Marionettes (Gothic Rock 1)
- 'Terminator' by Momento Mori (The Alternative)
- 'Verge Of Somnolence' by Raison E'etre (The Absolute Supper)
- 'R'leyh' by Sephiroth (The Absolute Supper)
- 'Black Dukes' by Severance (Taste This 4)
- 'The Crystal Sky' by Subterfuge (Dark Eyed And Starry They Were comp.)
- 'Remembering Love' by The Superheroines (Gothik)
- 'After Fire' by VNV Nation (Taste This 4)

Wednesday, June 17, 1998

Playlist - 17 June, 1998

- 'Turning Japanese' by 16 Volt (Newer Wave)
- 'No Noise' by The Arch (Taste This 4)
- 'The Kill' by Birmingham 6 (Error of Judgement)
- 'Machine' by CAI 777 (Taste This 4)
- 'Chaos Undivided' by Desiderii Marginis (The Absolute Supper)
- 'Why' by Eden (Dark Eyed And Starry They Were comp.)
- 'Mercyground' by Faith And The Muse (Touched By The Hand Of Goth comp.)
- 'Alone' by The Prophetess (Gothik)
- 'Imitation' by The Protagonist (The Absolute Supper)
- 'Ruination' by Stone 588 (What Sweet Music They Make comp.)
- 'Wallflower' by Switchblade Symphony (Gothic Rock 2)
- 'Thorns' by Wumpscut (Taste This 4)
- 'Prodigies Of Black' by Yelworc (Taste This 4)

Wednesday, June 10, 1998

Playlist - 10 June, 1998

- 'I Want Candy' by Black Metal Box (Newer Wave)
- 'Razzle Dazzle' by Bolshoi (A Way)
- 'Playing God' by Complicity (Dark End comp.)
- 'Hatesong' by Cubanate (New Industries)
- 'Who Blew Out The Northern Lights?' by Hazard (The Absolute Supper)
- 'Witch Cult' by House Of Usher (Touched By The Hand Of Goth)
- 'Child Of Curiosity' by Mortiis (The Absolute Supper)
- 'Morella's Sleep' by Paralysed Age (Touched By The Hand Of Goth)
- 'Factory' by Revenge Of Nephthys (We Came To Dance 7)
- 'Andrenochrome' by Sisters Of Mercy (Some Girls Wander By Mistake)
- 'Interzone' by Templebeat (New Industries)
- 'The Well' by This Burning Effigy (Dark End comp.)

Wednesday, June 3, 1998

Playlist - 3 June, 1998

- 'Night Of The Bloodbeast' by Beyond The Wall Of Sleep (Gothic Enigma comp.)
- 'Torch' by Carcrash International (Fragments Of A Journal In Hell)
- 'Whip It' by Collide (Newer Wave)
- 'Broken' by Corpus Delicti (Gothic Sounds Of Nightbreed 2)
- 'Ich Ben Is Denn' by Das Ich (Call On The Dark)
- 'Logo' by Deutsch Nepal (The Absolute Supper)
- 'Charlatans Web' by Drama Asylum (Dragons Born Tonight)
- 'Jet Black' by Exotic Pets Erotica (The Alternative)
- 'Don't Desecrate The Dead' by Megaptera (The Absolute Supper)
- 'Bloodpressure' by Second Skin (New Industries)
- 'Caged Bird' by The Shroud (Long Ago And Far Away)
- 'Duracel (Maxi Version)' by Zero Defects (We Came To Dance)