Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Shadowplay Replay ...

We are very excited to announce that Cathedral 13 will be broadcasting our show TWICE on Sundays! Yes, that means that even more timezones will be covered ... here are the new times:

First Broadcast:
8.30 - 9.30am (Chicago)
2.30 - 3.30pm (London)
3.30 - 4.30pm (Madrid / Paris / Milan)
Midnight - 1.00am (Adelaide, South Australia)

Second Broadcast:
1.00 - 2.00pm (Chicago)
7.00 - 8.00pm (London)
8.00 - 9.00pm (Madrid  / Paris / Milan)
4.30 - 5.30am (Adelaide, South Australia)

And of course, we recommend you listen to Cathedral 13 at any time of day, since there's always awesome music playing :)

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Playlist + Podcast - 25 September, 2011

- 'ZNS' by Einsturzende Neubaten (Halber Mansch)
- 'Under The Toxic Moon' by Trance To The Sun (Urchin Tear Soda)
- 'Lick' by The Flir (Please, Please, Please EP)
- 'Dragonfly' by Android Lust (Devour, Rise & Take Flight)
- 'Specchio' by Bohemien (La Parata Del Circo EP)
- 'Shakespeare' by Bunker Strasse (untitled demo with Modele Martial)
- 'Imprisoned Me' by Garten Kirkhof (Le Dormeur)
- 'Hair Of The Dog' by Bauhaus (Mask)
- 'Whiskey A Go-Go' by Children On Stun (Mondo Weird)
- 'Walk Into The Sun' by March Violets (Botanic Verses)
- 'Cinema' by Silent Scream (Smoke & Spotlight Vol. 6)
- 'Shadows' by Nietzsche's Bitch (Nietzsche's Bitch EP)
- 'Tengo un Pasajero' by Paralisis Permanente (El Acto)
- 'Plants' by Red Voice Choir (A Thousand Reflections EP)

Shadowplay - 25 September, 2011 by Michelle Driver on Mixcloud

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Playlist + Podcast - 18 September, 2011

- 'Litanie A Santana' by Il Giardino Violetto (Danse Macabre)
- 'Michelle' by Pink Turns Blue (Eremite)
- 'On Our Angelhood' by Cocteau Twins (Head Over Heels)
- 'The Book Of Law' by Thelema (Tantra)
- 'Evacuation Immediate' by Exces Nocturne (Evacuation Immediate 7")
- 'Creeping Death' by Calling Dead Red Roses (1985)
- 'Communion' by Ikon (Secrets Within - A Compilation Retrospective)
- 'Birth - Fiendish Figurative' by Sopor Aeternus (...Ich Tote Mich Jedesmal Aufs Neue, Doch Ich Bin Unsterblich, Und Ich Erstehe Wieder Auf; In Einer Vision Des Untergangs...)
- 'Cavity' by Christian Death (Only Theatre Of Pain)
- 'Witches Gold' by Mephisto Walz (Insidious)
- 'Into The Hole' by The Marchesa Casati (demo)
- 'Emboscada' by Mansion 13-13 (demo)
- 'A Noi!' by Boyd Rice And Friends (Baptism By Fire)

Shadowplay - 18 September, 2011 by Michelle Driver on Mixcloud

Playlist + Podcast - 11 September, 2011

Our first show on Cathedral 13! Welcome to our new listeners ... and hopefully some old ones ;)

And an apology - Big Electric Cat and Rosetta Stone were announced the wrong way around - let's just say we're getting used to recording in our dining room rather than a physical studio!

- 'The Fatal Impact' by Dead Can Dance (Dead Can Dance)
- 'Dead Flowers' by Belle Of Chaos (Belle Of Chaos)
- 'Prisma di Plexiglas' by Avant-Garde (Iron In Flesh)
- 'The Sixteenth' by Eat Your Make-Up (First Dinner)
- 'Broken' by Corpus Delicti (Obsessions)
- 'Focus Breathe' by Cranes (Self-Non-Self)
- 'Caucasian Walk' by Virgin Prunes (...If I Die, I Die)
- 'Eve E.' by Black Ice (Eve EP)
- 'Black Magic Trouble' by Guilty Strangers (Guilty Strangers EP)
- 'Cosmic Sight' by Deadchovsky (Spiritus Sancti Bizarre)
- 'Juliette' by Solemn Novena (Kiss The Girls)
- 'An Eye For The Main Chance' by Rosetta Stone (Adrenaline)
- 'Eyelash' by Big Electric Cat (Eyelash)
- 'Metropolis' by Droserae (Maxi EP)

Shadowplay - 11 September, 2011 by Michelle Driver on Mixcloud

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Shadowplay on Cathedral 13 Radio!

Shadowplay's page on Cathedral 13 is now up - have a look, and tune in! There's awesome music playing 24 hours a day.

We're on Sundays, between 11.00pm-12.00am in Adelaide, which works out to:
- 8.30-9.30am Chicago time
- 2.30-3.30pm London time
- 3.30-4.30pm Madrid/Paris/Milan time

Hopefully we've covered enough timezones to keep everyone happy ... and if not, there's always the podcast ;)

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Playlist - 31 August, 2011

Thank you to everyone who has listened to Shadowplay on Three D Radio, and we hope you join us on Cathedral 13 from September 11!

Podcasts will be available once the show has aired ;)

- 'Shadowplay' by Joy Division (Still)
- 'Goth' by Baterz (Goth)
- 'Slice Of Life' by Ex-Voto (The Passion Of Covers)
- 'White Eyes' by Anxiety Of Love (Demo)
- 'New Death' by Voodoo Church (Unholy Burial)
- 'L'Espoir' by Dada's Noise (Dada's Noise K7)
- 'Liberation' by Golden Apes (Denying The Towers)
- 'The Veil' by Die Laughing (Heaven In Decline)
- 'Wasteland' by The Mission (God's Own Medicine)
- 'Too Many Questions' by Frustration (Relax)
- 'Before I Wake (London Mix)' by Seraphins en Pleurs (In The Night Time comp.)
- 'Louchald' by Neva (Fausse Conscience)
- 'Mondlicht' by X-Mal Deutschland (Tocsin)