Wednesday, May 27, 1998

Playlist - 27 May, 1998

-  'Nasty Cloud' by Breath Of Life (Touched By The Hand Of Goth comp.)
-  'Stalker' by Covenant (Sequencer)
-  'Prisoner' by Delay (Tyranny Off The Beat)
-  'Serce Aniola' by Engelstaubb (Touched by The Hand Of Goth comp.)
-  'Circles In The Sand' by Eternal Afflict (Touched By The Hand Of Goth comp.)
-  'The Key' by Eye (Circuit Noir)
-  'I Am God' by Fockewolf (Circuit Noir)
-  'Hearts Perturbe' by Idfrost (The Absolute Supper)
-  'Money Is Not Our God' by Killing Joke (New Industries)
-  'Svartsinn' by Nacht (The Absolute Supper)
-  'Centaurs' by Ostia (From The Aether)
-  'Fate' by Suicide Commando (Tyranny Off The Beat)
-  'Burning Skies' by Tones On Tail (Gothic Rock 1)

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