Wednesday, June 24, 1998

Playlist - 24 June, 1998

- 'Altitude Zero' by A Spell Inside (Taste This 4)
- 'Spell Of Harmony' by Beltane (Demo)
- 'She Falls Down' by Faithful Dawn (Sounds Of Nightbreed 2)
- 'Crowds' by Googoomops (Googoomops)
- 'No Solution' by Law Of The Dawn (Taste This 4)
- 'Heads On Spikes' by Manuskript (Dark End comp.)
- 'Ave Dementia' by The Marionettes (Gothic Rock 1)
- 'Terminator' by Momento Mori (The Alternative)
- 'Verge Of Somnolence' by Raison E'etre (The Absolute Supper)
- 'R'leyh' by Sephiroth (The Absolute Supper)
- 'Black Dukes' by Severance (Taste This 4)
- 'The Crystal Sky' by Subterfuge (Dark Eyed And Starry They Were comp.)
- 'Remembering Love' by The Superheroines (Gothik)
- 'After Fire' by VNV Nation (Taste This 4)

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