Wednesday, August 12, 1998

Playlist - 12 August, 1998

-  'The Boiler Room' by Bleak (Vane)
-  'In My Heart Of Stone' by Doomsday Reflex (What Sweet Music 3)
-  'Rainflowers' by Drain The Doves (Masked Beauty In A Sea Of Sadness)
-  'Such Pretty Things' by Emma Conquest (What Sweet Music 3)
-  'Kissing Your Poison' by The Empire Hideous (Masked Beauty In A Sea Of Sadness)
-  'Sacrilege' by Mentallo & The Fixer (Moonraker 2)
-  'Hollow Ground' by Noise Maker (Moonraker 2)
-  'Rain From Heaven' by The Sisterhood (Gift)
-  'Tharmas' by Stoa (Moonraker 2)
-  'Nachste Ausfahrt' by Umbra Et Imago (Dedanken Eines Vampirs)
-  'Never Or Forever' by The Whores Of Babylon (What Sweet Music 3)

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