Wednesday, November 11, 2009

playlist 11 november, 2009

- "the lament of icarus" by friends of alice ivy (hereafter moth)
- "unhittable" by soul whirling somewhere (eating the sea)
- "spheres" by scissor pretty (are you home?)
- "take mine" by the creatures (anima animus)
- "invocation" by immortalis armor (witchcraft)
- "today" by baroque bordello (today 12")
- "l'ememi" by exces nocturne (evacuation immediate 12")
- "si c'est ains'i" by opera multi steel (les d'couleurs de l'ennui)
- "4 murs gris" by charles de goal (3)
- "fool's gold" by chris vs warhol (christ vs warhol ep)
- "newspeak (room 101)" by all gone dead (fallen & forgotten)
- "dropout" by subtonix (tarantism)
- "my bleeding hands" by nekromantik (fairycatcher)

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