Tuesday, December 15, 2009

playlist 16 dec 09

- "as her scourged the earth" by cataclyst (perception multiplied)
- "dead god's book" by conSono (hymns of deceased deities)
- "my fellow creatures" by cruciform (the renaissance within)
- "perceptio corporis tui" by o quam tristis (le ritual sacre)
- "the hungry years" by andi sex gang & mark almond (perception in the heart of darkness)
- "promised land" by skeletal family (ghosts)
- "hollow eyes" by red lorry, yellow lorry (talk about the weather)
- "when darkness falls" by cult of the psychic fetus (the funeral home sessions)
- "hank watson stalks the earth" by deadbolt (shrunken head)
- "under the mask" by the 13th moon (zoundbies vol.1) *
- "r.i.p." by acid bats (zoundbies vol.1) *
- "evil" by 45 grave (this is gothic - the batcave anthology)
- "dead cities (bulika mix)" by ah-cama sotz (dead cities)

* our feature album

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