Sunday, February 14, 2010

playlist - 10 february 2010

- "voodoo dolly" by siouxsie & the banshees (juju)
- "let my people go" by diamanda galas (you must be certain of the devil)
- "scarlet minded echoes" by ataraxia (concerto no.6: a baroque plaisnterie)
- "tarantula" by this mortal coil (filigree & shadow)
- "the heirs part 1" by persona non grata (our shade of sin)
- "spinning round" by red lorry yellow lorry (generation)
- "swastika sally" by no kisses (how cold)
- "truck of light & shadow" by mr underhill (gothabilly)
- "la puta del cenetaria" by el viejo matadero (zoundbies vol.1)*
- "hammer horror glamour" by memphisto
- "portent of a monster" by 13 bats (dust ep)
- "call to remembrance" by cadra ash (everything's gone by ep)
- "metropolis" by droserae (zoundbies vol.1)*
- "the smell of her neck" by isomer (zero lounge)

* = our feature album.

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