Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Playlist - 1 September, 2010

- 'Muscle Memory' by Dandelion Wine (Dandelion Wine)
- 'Rusty Haloes' by The Machine In The Garden (Out Of The Mists)
- 'I Am Warrior' by Monica Richards (Infra Warrior)
- 'Dragonfly' by Cruxshadows (The Shadowbox)
- 'Birds (live)' by Siglo XX (In The Night Time Sampler)
- 'Scale' by Immortal (Paradigm 12")
- 'Say It Isn't So' by Executive Slacks (Fire & Ice)
- 'Then And Now' by Cold Dance (No Glamour In Industry)
- 'We Are More Than Dead' by Doppelganger (XII Steps)
- 'Holy Hell' by Shadow Project (The Original Shadow Project)
- 'Le Vene Di Lucretia' by Le Vene Di Lucretia (Le Vene Di Lucretia) *
- 'Eyes (Second Death)' by Voodoo Church (Voodoo Church EP)
- 'Mescalito' by Deathride 69 (The LP!)

* Feature Album

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