Thursday, March 10, 2011

Playlist - 9 March, 2011

- 'Bondage Doom To Creator' by Vibma Obmana (Cobwebs comp.)
- 'Enmig Del Silenci' by Narsilion (Namarie)
- 'The Unshakable Demon' by Autumn's Grey Solace (The Projekt Almost Free CD)
- 'K.G.' by Clair Obscur (Play)
- 'Key Of King Solomon' by Garten Kirkhof (Le Dormeur)
- 'Broken' by Corpus Delicti (Obsessions)
- 'The Casualty II' by Camp Z (Poisoned Dead Frogs)
- 'Solemn Times' by Bloody Dead & Sexy (An Eye On You)
- 'Loser Saleable Deviance' by Soror Dolorosa (Impatiences Nocturnes comp.)
- 'Kiss Me Piss Me (Electric Provocation Mix)' by Hysteric Helen (Smoke & Spotlight Vol. 3)
- 'Brich Aus!' by Quidam (Barking, Mewing, Hissing & Mocking)
- 'Dowod' by The Proof (Galeria Zeudzen)

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