Thursday, April 14, 2011

Playlist - 13 April, 2011

Thanks to James (DJ Speakmarauder) for returning back to Shadowplay for the night to play some awesome music! Visit the fantastic Return To The East blogspot (a Shadowplay favourite) if you're interested in finding some of these rare gems ...

- 'Bum Bum' by Strafe Fur Rebellion (Strafe Fur Rebellion)
- 'Amen Yves' by For Against (In The Marshes)
- 'The Cold' by Eskimos & Egypt (The Cold 7")
- 'Worshipping' by Astaron (Das Grauen Aus Dem All / As I Start cassette)
- 'Venus In Furs' by Dance Naked (The Hidden God)
- 'Vocal Expression' by Nausea (Vocal Expression 7")
- 'Playing For Time' by Send No Flowers (Send No Flowers 7")
- 'Next To Nothing' by Savage Republic (Tragic Figures)
- 'Jahr Um Jahr' by X-Mal Deutschland (Sequenz 7")
- 'Appointment At The Zoo' by Strip Tease Belette (Strip Tease Belette cassette)
- 'Black Clown' by Les Martyrs (Ya La Sa Sa Sa)
- 'Morgen' by X-beliebig (X-Beliebig cassette)
- 'Don't Overact' by Modell D'oo (Neonbeats - Austrian New Wave & Post Punk)

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