Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Playlist + Podcast - 25 September, 2011

- 'ZNS' by Einsturzende Neubaten (Halber Mansch)
- 'Under The Toxic Moon' by Trance To The Sun (Urchin Tear Soda)
- 'Lick' by The Flir (Please, Please, Please EP)
- 'Dragonfly' by Android Lust (Devour, Rise & Take Flight)
- 'Specchio' by Bohemien (La Parata Del Circo EP)
- 'Shakespeare' by Bunker Strasse (untitled demo with Modele Martial)
- 'Imprisoned Me' by Garten Kirkhof (Le Dormeur)
- 'Hair Of The Dog' by Bauhaus (Mask)
- 'Whiskey A Go-Go' by Children On Stun (Mondo Weird)
- 'Walk Into The Sun' by March Violets (Botanic Verses)
- 'Cinema' by Silent Scream (Smoke & Spotlight Vol. 6)
- 'Shadows' by Nietzsche's Bitch (Nietzsche's Bitch EP)
- 'Tengo un Pasajero' by Paralisis Permanente (El Acto)
- 'Plants' by Red Voice Choir (A Thousand Reflections EP)

Shadowplay - 25 September, 2011 by Michelle Driver on Mixcloud

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