Monday, October 10, 2011

Playlist + Podcast - 9 October, 2011

- 'Consecration' by Diamanda Galas (The Plague Mass)
- 'Except Me' by Near Death Experience (Le Cemetiere Des Passions comp.)
- 'Total Recall' by Floorshow (Son Of A Tape!) *
- 'Kampfen' by Stimmen der Stille (Morgenstern)
- 'Shelter From Death' by Untoten (Kiss Of Death)
- 'Scars Flown Proud' by Faith And The Muse (Evidence Of Heaven)
- 'Scented Visions' by Dead Souls Rising (Scented Garden)
- 'Joie Minimale' by No Tears (Obsessions)
- 'Specimen' by Pins & Needles (Pins & Needles)
- 'Nightfalls (Pagans ... Dancing!)' by Cinema Strange (Pagan Love Songs Vol. 1)
- 'Idol With A Frame' by Non Compos Mentis (Profound Protection)
- 'IAMAI' by Killing Ophelia (IAMAI)
- 'Mangled Entities' by Sister Mary Showlace (The Blasphemous Ceremony)
- 'Release The Bats' by The Birthday Party (Hits)

* Floorshow track announced incorrectly - corrected on playlist!

Shadowplay - 9 October, 2011 by Michelle Driver on Mixcloud

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