Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Playlist + Podcast - 2 September, 2012

This show was also re-broadcasted on 9 September, since Radionomy was not working in all countries on 2 September ;)

-  'Opium' by Dead Can Dance (Anastasis)
-  'The Remnants And The Ruin' by LYcia (A Day In The Stark Corner)
-  'Remnant Of Eden' b Ostia (R2-Detox)
-  'Over The Senses' by Lyncelia (Lovelorn)
-  'Intoxication' by Corpse Cabaret (First EP)
-  'Hang' by Excession (Jong & Huga)
-  'Philosophy' by Leitmotiv (1981 - 1988)
-  'Midnight Moon Swing' by Audra (Going To The Theatre)
-  'Push' by Crown Of Jesus (Immaculate)
-  'Under The Stars' by Snakedance (Winterland)
-  'Blinking Light' by Spectre Theatre (Smoke & Spotlight Vol. 6)
-  'Needles And Pins' by Red Voice Choir (A Thousand Reflections EP)
-  'Burning Time' by Dichroic Mirror (Witchcraft: A Gothic Compilation)

Shadowplay - 2 September, 2012 by Shadowplay :: Cannibalroses on Mixcloud

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