Monday, January 21, 2013

Playlist + Podcast - 20 January, 2013

- '80°S 96°E' by Sleep Research Facility (Deep Frieze)
- 'They Killed Three Little Maids' by Unto Ashes (Saturn Return)
- 'Mind Like Fluid' by ConSono (Ignoto Deo)
- 'The Sun Shines Black' by Violet Stigmata (Décompositions & Reliques)
- 'Into The Last Fight' by The Hail Mary (What's That Fire? EP)
- 'I Want' by Mephisto Walz (Pagan Love Songs Vol. 2 comp)
- 'Coming' by Kindred Spirits (No Room For Laughter)
- 'Out Of The Rain' by Clan Of Xymox (The Best Of)
- 'Longshot' by Götterdämmerung (A Body And A Birthmark)
- 'Bloody Sons For The Devil' by Lacrima Necromanzia (Cells/Solam)
- 'Frenezie' by Neva (Cobwebs comp.)
- 'Hate Story' by Hatestory (Smoke & Spotlight Vol. 4 comp.)

Shadowplay - 20 January, 2013 by Shadowplay :: Cannibalroses on Mixcloud

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