Monday, June 17, 2013

Playlist + Podcast - 16 June, 2013

-  'For Years' by Dead Curtis (Day Of Forever EP)*
-  'On The Other Side' by Silke Bischoff (Silke Bischoff)
-  'Centuries' by Spiritual Cramp (Time)
-  'Warmth Beneath Winter (Euro Mix)' by Brother Orchid (Winter Shadow)
-  'Unveiled Illusion' by Lyncelia (Assigned, For Disillusion)
-  'Road Of Bones' by March Violets (Made Glorious)
-  'She's In Parties' by Ikon (The Passion Of Covers comp.)
-  'Faking Lies' by Manuskript (I Can't Believe It's Not Goth)
-  'Cathy' by Altered States (Is Anyone Out There?)
-  'Dracula' by The Cemetary Girlz (Opus Vitae)
-  'Soliloquy' by Also (Fragments And Illusions)
-  'I'm Deep' by Hysteric Helen (Original Snuff Soundtrack)
-  'Forever (DJ Mix)' by Resurrection Eve (Ancient Curse)

*  Sorry, on the show we meant that the Day Of Forever EP was new, not the band Dead Curtis ;)

Shadowplay - 16 June, 2013 by Shadowplay :: Cannibalroses on Mixcloud

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