Sunday, May 3, 2015

Playlist + Podcast - May, 2015

-  As He Scourged The Earth' by Cataclyst (Perception Multiplied Multiplicity Unified)
-  'Cornwall Stone' by Dalis Car (The Waking Hour)
-  'Confession' by Cruciform (The Renaissance Within)
-  'All Ghosts Spend Their Time Alone' by Audra (Going To The Theatre)
-  'Ichorous Pus' by Holy Cow (Call It What You Will)
-  'Nightmare' by Screams For Tina (Strobelight Funeral 12")
-  'Imprisoned Me' by Garten Kirkhof (Le Dormeur)
-  'Emanuelle' by Ex-Voto (Gothik comp.)
-  'Lucy Is Red' by Nosferatu (Rise)
-  'Forgive and Forget' by Funhouse (Never Again)
-  'Hoax' by The Veil (Surrender)
-  'Disincanto' by Avant-Garde (Antitesi)
-  'Circle Of Pain' by Land Of Passion (The Arrival)
-  'The Baby Screams' by The Cure (The Head On The Door)
-  'Romeo's Distress' by Christian Death (Only Theatre Of Pain)
-  'The Love' by Screaming For Emily (Scriptures)
-  'Let Our Bed Be Your Tomb' by Lacrima Necromanzia (Cells)
-  'Tormento' by Acid Bats (Cosmogonía)
-  'Splintered Crucifix' by The Ex-Tracts
-  'Thee New Tribe' by Kommunity FK (Thee Image & Thee Myth)

Shadowplay - May, 2015 by Shadowplay :: Cannibalroses on Mixcloud

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