Sunday, February 7, 2016

Playlist + Podcast - February, 2016

-  'Skilled Workers' by Out Of Sight (Gloria Victis Vae Victis)
-  'Without You' by Bel Canto (White-Out Conditions)
-  'Cut' by Miranda Sex Garden (Fairytales Of Slavery)
-  'A Dream Of Deception' by Dead Souls Rising (Clepsydre)
-  'Summer Speaks' by Tortures
-  'Pure Form' by Second Sight (Second Sight EP)
-  'Buried' by Wives (Devoted To You)
-  'Kämpfen' by Stimmen der Stille (Morgenstern)
-  'Masquerade' by Vendemmian (Hide Your Fires! comp.)
-  'Panic Paranoia' by Masquerade
-  'Sullen Look' by Come With Reverse (Composing Serenity)
-  'In The Room That Love Exists' by Mephisto Walz (Terra Regina)
-  'Dead Embryos' by The Evil Speaks (Resounding)
-  'Garden Of Delight' by The Mission (Gods Own Medicine)
-  'Nightlife' by Wild Roses For The Exit (Wild Roses For The Exit)
-  'Vodou' by Sleepmask (Zoundbies Vol. 1)
-  'Young Recruits' by Chants Of Maldoror (Bats From Europe comp.)
-  'Bodies That Devour' by Escarlatina Obsessiva (Drusba)
-  'Seduction' by Virgin In Veil (The Glory Hole)
-  'Die Hand Die Verletzt' by The Spoiled (Ironshell)

Shadowplay - February, 2016 by Shadowplay on Mixcloud

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