Wednesday, October 22, 1997

Playlist - 22 October, 1997

- 'Smells Like' by Alien Sex Fiend (Smells Like 12")
- 'So Wet, Mate' by Alien Sex Fiend (Nocturnal Emissions)
- 'The Garden Of Temptation' by Aurora (Gothik comp.)
- 'Kinship' by Beltane (Demo)
- 'Shaving My Neck' by Gene Loves Jezebel (Gothic Rock 1 comp.)
- 'Where Good Girls Go To Die' by London After Midnight (Psychomagnet)
- 'Avincenna' by Love Spirals Downwards
- 'Losing Mountains' by Scissor Pretty (Demo)
- 'Somersault' by Scissor Pretty (Demo)
- 'Witches' by Switchblade Symphony (Bread And Jam For Frances)
- 'Gehemnis' by X-Mal Deutschland (Fetisch)

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