Wednesday, October 8, 1997

Playlist - 8 October, 1997

- 'Alien' by 13 Candles (Gothic Sounds of Nightbreed)
- 'Red Roses' by Big Electric Cat (Dreams Of A Mad King)
- 'Contagious' by Birmingham 6 (Assassinate)
- 'Kickin' Up The Sawdust' by Bone Orchard
- 'Make Room' by Bride Of The Atom (Reload comp.)
- 'Warshow' by Brotherhood Of Pagans (Tales Of Vampires)
- 'Obvious' by Every New Dead Ghost (Gothic Sounds Of Nightbreed)
- 'Modern Angel' by Front 242
- 'The Crystal Ring' by Nosferatu (Legend)
- 'Cimmerian' by Rosetta Stone (Gothic Rock 2 comp.)
- 'Creatures Of The Night' by Screaming Dead (In goth Daze comp.)
- 'Original Sin' by Theatre Of Hate (Gothic Rock 2 comp.)

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