Thursday, January 7, 2010

Playlist - 6 January, 2010

- 'The Solitary Pilgrim' by Arcanta (The Eternal Return)
- 'Bah-Bouh-Re' by Das Zeichen (Aufgewacht)
- 'Bombay' by Bel Canto (Magic Box)
- 'Mondlicht' by X-Mal Deutschland (Tocsin)
- 'We Hunger' by Siouxsie And The Banshees (Hyaena)
- 'Shakespeare' by Bunker Strasse (untitled demo with Modele Martial)
- 'Tupelo' by Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds' (Best Of)
- 'Sleeping With A Vampyre' by Brigitte Handley & The Shadows (Zoundbies Volume 1) *
- 'Eve At The Mansion' by Katzenjammer Kabaret (Pour Vos Enfant)
- 'A Call To Arms' by Black Ice (Block Ice EP)
- 'The Fate' by Brotherhood Of Pagans (Zoundbies Volume 1) *

* feature album

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