Thursday, April 1, 2010

Playlist - 31 March, 2010

- 'Anywhere Out Of The World' by Dead Can Dance (A Passage In Time)
- 'Reptilian' by Imprint (Zoundbies Vol. 1) *
- 'Black' by The Shroud (In The Garden)
- 'Damned Game' by Hysteric Helen (Zoundbies Vol. 1) *
- 'Burn' by Arts And Decay (Trails Of Tears)
- 'Slow Drip Lizard' by March Violets (The Botanic Verses)
- 'In Her House' by Screams For Tina (Screams For Tina)
- 'Burning Waters' by Like Wreckage (Kaliffornian Deathrock)
- 'Dust' by 13 Bats (Dust EP)
- 'Dogs' by Christian Death (Deathwish)
- 'Right As Rain' by Rosetta Stone (The Tyranny Of Inaction)
- 'Mirror My Love' by Deviate Ladies (Tenebrae)
- 'It's Time To ...' by Drama Of The Spheres (Dancing Bones)

* Feature Album

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