Thursday, May 26, 2011

Playlist - 25 May, 2011

- 'Lilith Calling' by Sleeping Dogs Wake (Understanding)
- 'Cantique 1' by Die Form (Vicious Circles: The Best Of)
- 'Spider Like' by Trance To The Sun (Bloom Flowers, Bloom!)
- 'Shine On' by Vendemmian (One In A Million)
- 'Communion' by Ikon (Goth's Undead comp.)
- 'In Her House' by Screams For Tina (Screams For Tina)
- 'Waves Of Sorrow' by Jerusalem Syndrome (The Book Of Days)
- 'Pleasure' by The Redresser (Such Is Life)
- 'So Alive' by Love And Rockets (Love And Rockets)
- 'Dancing' by Bauhaus (Mask)
- 'Sleeping Screams' by The Cemetary GirlZ (Smoke My Brain)
- 'Specchio' by Bohemien (La Parata Del Circo EP)
- 'Do You Believe In Angels' by The Last Dance (Tragedy)

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