Thursday, June 23, 2011

Playlist - 22 June, 2011


- 'Lovers' by In Winter Bleeding (Power Of A New Aeon: Musical Impressions Of The Tarot)
- 'Icehouse' by The Creatures (Feast)
- 'Snowy Corset Nightmare' by Trance To The Sun (Venomous Eve)
- 'In Winter' by Black Ice (Terrible Birds)
- 'Winter' by Lament (New Dark Age Vol. 3)
- 'Lady Winter' by Poetry Of Shadows (Spheres Of Knowledge)
- 'Winterland' by In Articulo Mortis (L'Appel De La Muse Vol. 2)
- 'Winter' by Escarlatina Obsessiva (Under The Southern Sun comp.)
- 'The Frozen Ones' by Suspiria (Dancefloor Tragedy)
- 'Warmth Beneath Winter' by Brother Orchid (Winter Shadow)
- 'Who Blew Out The Northern Lights?' by Hazard (The Absolute Supper comp.)

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