Thursday, June 30, 2011

Playlist - 29 June, 2011

- 'While You Sleep' by Brighter Death Now (Kamikaze Kabaret)
- 'Cruely Reigns Through The Ages' by Marital Canterel (Cruelty Frames Our Age)
- 'Poison' by Alien Skull Paint (Appearing From The Inside)
- 'Paralleles' by Charles De Goal (3)
- 'Paradise Lost' by Carcrash International (Fragments Of A Journal In Hell)
- 'The Halo Hits The Floor' by Seraphim Gothique (The Halo Hits The Floor)
- 'D.Moments' by Procede (Modern Young People comp.)
- 'November Rain' by Usherhouse (Gothik: Music From The Dark Side comp.)
- 'Cascades' by Die Laughing (Heaven In Decline)
- 'Taking Over' by Killing Miranda (Burn Sinister EP)
- 'Dance On The Wire' by Ave Maria (New Maps Of Hell EP)
- 'Fra i Ruderi' by Avant-Garde (Iron In Flesh)
- 'Sequelles' by Garcons Coiffeurs (demo)

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