Monday, March 26, 2012

Playlist + Podcast - 18 March, 2012

- 'These Fleeting Moments' by Loveliescrushing (Of These Reminders comp.)
- 'Lapse' by The Guilty Party (Five Songs EP)
- 'She Went' by Blood Orange (The Sexy Zombies comp.)
- 'Yagi' by L'Avis G821 (with Jacquy Bitch on vocals) (Musiques en la Sainte Chapelle)
- 'So Alive' by Love & Rockets (Love & Rockets)
- 'Do You Believe In The Westworld?' by Theatre Of Hate (Westworld)
- 'Island Of The Zombie Women' by The Horatii (The Best Of What Sweet Music We Make comp.)
- 'Take The Chalice' by Persephone Eyes (Closer)
- 'Do You Know My Name?' by Sopor Aeternus (...Ich Töte Mich Jedesmal Aufs Neue, Doch Ich Bin Unsterblich, Und Ich Erstehe Wieder Auf; In Einer Vision Des Untergangs...)
- 'Michelle' by Clan Of Xymox (Medusa)
- 'Allegedly, Dancefloor Tragedy' by Suspiria (Dancefloor Tragedy)
- 'Our Darkness' by Anne Clarke (Joined Up Writing)
- 'So' by Popoї Sdioh (Afterparty Sessions demo)

Shadowplay - 18 March, 2012 by Shadowplay :: Cannibalroses on Mixcloud

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