Monday, March 26, 2012

Playlist + Podcast - 25 March, 2012

- 'Magician' by 4th Sign Of The Apocalypse (The Power Of A New Aeon)
- 'Rose Clouds Of Holocaust' by Death In June (Rose Clouds Of Holocaust)
- 'The Robin Bridge' by The Seventh Dawn (The Age To An End Shall Come ...)
- 'Key Of King Solomon' by Garten Kirkhof (Le Dormeur)
- 'Delay' by Sor Obscena (Antologia)
- 'Death Becomes Them' by Another Species (Another Species EP)
- 'Arctic Slide' by Blade Fetish (Absinthe)
- 'Motherland' by Corpus Delicti (Obsessions)
- 'Paris Skyes (Big Electric Cat vs The Machine remix)' by Big Electric Cat (Burning Embers)
- 'Circle of Pain' by Land Of Passion (The Arrival)
- 'Skin Trade' by Disjecta Membra (Achromaticia)
- 'The Plague Wind' by Soft Ash (Soft Ash)

Shadowplay - 25 March, 2012 by Shadowplay :: Cannibalroses on Mixcloud

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