Friday, June 29, 2012

Playlist + Podcast - 17 June, 2012

- 'From The Blood Of The Ancient Ones' by Ah Cama-Sotz (The Way To Heresy)
- 'I've Got One Friend' by Trance To The Sun (Urchin Tear Soda)
- 'Serpent's Serenade' by This Ascension (Sever)
- 'In The Trees' by Blade Fetish (Absinthe)
- 'Say It Isn't So' by Executive Slacks (In Goth Daze comp.)
- 'Incubus Succubus II' by X-Mal Deutschland (Tocsin)
- 'Death Angels' by The Evil Speaks (Resounding)
- 'Andrea' by Razor Skyline (The Journal Of Trauma)
- 'Wings' by Girls Under Glass (Equilibrium)
- 'Last Expressions' by Aria (Gothik)
- 'Before The Dawn' by Shadow Image
- 'The Lovers Delight' by Catastrophe Ballet (Bats From Europe comp.)
- 'Children Write On Missiles' by Scarlet's Remains (The Palest Grey)
- 'Warmth Beneath Winter (Euro Mix)' by Brother Orchid

Shadowplay - 17 June, 2012 by Shadowplay :: Cannibalroses on Mixcloud

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