Friday, August 9, 2013

Playlist + Podcast - 4 August, 2013

-  'Transference Of Aeonic Energies' by Darkness Enshroud (Totentanz)
-  'After The End' by Area (Radio Caroline)
-  'Impossible Garden' by Bitstream Dream (Blunted 3)
-  'Man On Fire' by Silent Scream (Bones From The Backyard) *
-  'Let Our Bed Be Your Tomb' by Lacrima Necromanzia (Cells)
-  'Emmanuelle' by In Loving Memory (Phrenology EP)
-  'Intent' by Screaming For Emily (Malice)
-  'Breathe The Jackal' by Beyond Dawn (Revelry)
-  'Liberation (Hieros Gamos)' by Golden Apes (Denying The Towers Our Words Are Falling From ...)
-  'Nell'Ora Dell'Enigma' by Bohémien (La Parata Del Circo EP)
-  'Fingers' by Black Ice (Terrible Birds)
-  'La Ciega' by Gorgonas (Deathrock EP)
-  'R.I.P.' by Alien Sex Fiend (Batcave: Young Limbs & Numb Hymns)

*  Available from Gothic Music Records now!

Shadowplay - 4 August, 2013 by Shadowplay :: Cannibalroses on Mixcloud

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