Saturday, August 17, 2013

Shadowplay is now Monthly!

We have decided that Shadowplay will now be a MONTHLY radio show!

This was a tough decision, considering that Shadowplay has been broadcasting every week non-stop since 1996 ...

Formerly Blood & Black Dahlias, the show was started by James (pictured), with Anita joining him off and on from 1999. The name changed to Shadowplay in 2004 ... with other hosts in between (Katalin, Aaron, Judy), Michelle joined Anita in 2008. Shadowplay moved to + Cathedral 13 internet radio + in September 2011, and we have had a huge amount of support internationally ever since!

Shadowplay will continue to support local and international goth, darkwave and deathrock music just like we have always done.

A big 'thank you!' to everyone who listens to us!!

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