Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Playlist + Podcast - October, 2013

-  'Power Of Flints' by Friends Of Alice Ivy (Hereafter Moth)
-  'Altered Grey Night' by Lakes (Winter's Blade)
-  'Religion' by Ascetic (Self Initiation)
-  'The Taste Of Woodcheaps' by DoppelgängeR (Whispers Behind The Heaven Trees)
-  'The Blade (Heavy Mix)' by Sieben (Zoundbies Vol. 1)
-  'Garden Of Delight' by The Mission (God's Own Medicine)
-  'Playing Dead' by Night Sins (New Grave)
-  'Serial Painter' by Bohémien (Bohémien)
-  'Il Buio Su Roma' by Avant-Garde (Antitesi)
-  'Answers To Nothing' by Ikon (Life Without End)
-  'Juliette' by Solemn Novena (Kiss The Girls)
-  'Enchant Me (Temperance Mix)' by Faithful Dawn (Temperance)
-  'Corporate' by Moral Hex (Moral Hex 12")
-  'Dios/Hombre' by La Peste Negra (Ritos Ancestrales)
-  'Madre Nella Veglia' by Le Vene Di Lucretia (Le Vene Di Lucretia)
-  'No Redeemer' by Blue Cross (I Am Death)
-  'Hall Of Fame' by Götterdämmerung (A Body And A Birthmark)
-  'Provoke You (Darkness Before Dawn Remix)' by The Invincible Spirit (Darkness Before Dawn Vol. 2)
-  'The Casualty II' by Camp Z (Our World To Come)
-  'To The Cage' by Hysteric Helen (Hysteric Helen)

Shadowplay - October 2013 by Shadowplay :: Cannibalroses on Mixcloud

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