Sunday, November 10, 2013

Playlist + Podcast - November, 2013

-  'Black Soul' by Violet Sky (Melancholia)
-  'Done Dun' by Lydia Lunch (Honeymoon In Red)
-  'Strap Me Down' by Ausgang (Last Exit)
-  'Whiskey A Go-Go' by Children On Stun (Mondo Weird)
-  'Shadowgirl' by Autumn (Return To The Breath)
-  'Dear Mr Lightman' by Gärten Kirkhöf (La Dormeur)
-  'Buried And Gone' by Also (The Void Is Calling)
-  'Motherland' by Corpus Delicti (Obsessions)
-  'Chains Of Fear' by Dronning Maud Land (Alteration)
-  'Raise My Head' by Kiss The Blade (Black As Disillusion)
-  'Shall I Carry The Budgie Woman?' by Bone Orchard (Stuffed To The Gills 12")
-  'Eternal Deep' by Mephisto Walz (Mephisto Walz)
-  'Hamlet (Pow, Pow, Pow)' by The Birthday Party (Junkyard)
-  'Goodbye 70s (Club Mix)' by Suspiria (Dancefloor Tragedy)
-  'Serpentine' by Butterfly Messiah (Priestess)
-  'Excuse Me, That I'm Kill Myself' by Noir For Rachel (The E)
-  'No Love For The Dead' by Sleeping Children (Lullabies For Debauchery)
-  'Nightfalls (Pagans ... Dancing!)' by Cinema Strange (Pagan Love Songs comp.)
-  'Devil's Pact' by Catholic Spit (A Pact With The Devil)
-  'Blue Gum Canopy' by Isomer (Zero Lounge)

Shadowplay - November, 2013 by Michelle Driver on Mixcloud

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