Wednesday, November 12, 1997

Playlist - 12 November, 1997

- 'An Addict Of Time' by A Blaze Colour (Zwischenfall)
- 'Aktiverung' by Bang Elektronika (Zwischenfall)
- 'Fall' by Carcrash International (Fragements From A Journal In Hell)
- 'Paper Tiger' by Chameleons UK (Goth's Undead comp.)
- 'Sword Of Islam' by Delerium (Goth's Undead comp.)
- 'Out Of The Blue' by Funhouse (Goth's Undead comp.)
- 'Fire Of Life' by In Absentia (Zwischenfall)
- 'We Will Not Fall' by Kommunity FK (Gothik)
- 'Figure Q42' by Limbo (Industrial Revolution)
- 'Hermaphrodita' by Limbo (Zwischenfall)
- 'Bride Of Death' by Love Lies Bleeding (A Bouquet Of Barbed Wire comp.)
- 'Knives In The Brain' by Lydia Lunch (Trance Mutation)
- 'Lady Winter' by Poetry Of Shadows (Goth's Undead comp.)
- 'Anders Sein' by Second Decay (Zwischenfall)

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