Wednesday, November 5, 1997

Playlist - 5 November, 1997

- 'Sleep' by Advent Sleep (Goth's Undead comp.)
- 'Model' by Candle's End (Goth's Undead comp.)
- 'Descent' by Ecodalia (Goth's Undead comp.)
- 'The Sound Of Angels' by Element (Goth's Undead comp.)
- 'Sodom' by Force Dimension (Zwischenfall)
- 'Spider And The Fly' by London After Midnight (What Sweet Music comp.)
- 'Dark Age' by Neon (Zwischenfall)
- 'Reconciled (remix)' by Penal Colony (Industrial Revolution)
- 'Cities In Dust' by Siouxsie And The Banshees (Twice Upon A Time)
- 'Her Captive Soul' by Sons Of Neverland (Goth's Undead comp.)
- 'Do They Feel?' by Stereotaxic Device (Goth's Undead comp.)

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