Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Playlist - 14 July, 2010

- 'Taberna' by Camerata Mediolanence (Modrigali)
- 'Overgrown Eyes' by Siiiii (Ancient)
- 'Curse' by 45 Grave (Ascension Magazine Sampler)
- 'Clash' by Avoid Catoblepone (Musique de Chambre Froide)
- 'The Stranger' by Daucus Karota (Shrine)
- 'Orpelia' by Gethsemane (New Alternatives II)
- 'Speak Our Tongue' by Medicine Rain (Native)
- 'Alas I' by Also (Cold Rooms)
- 'Throwing Rocks In The Sewer' by Subtonix (Tarantism)
- 'Oh Darkness ... Sacred Glory' by The Readership Hostile (Zoundbies Vol. 1) *
- 'Home' by Sunday Munich (Pneuma)
- 'My Blue Eyes' by The Other Colours (Zoundbies Vol. 1) *
- 'Not Everything I Believe Is True' by Sobricuet (A.S.I.N.G.E.D.)
- 'Something Real (As Dead Boy Craved)' by Nekromantik (The Gothic Sounds of Nightbreed)

* Feature Album

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