Thursday, December 16, 2010

Playlist - 15 December, 2010

- 'The Drone Of The Cattle' by Black Lung (The Depopulation Bomb)
- 'Till The Living Flesh Is Burned' by Death In June (The Guilty Have No Pride)
- 'Hymns And Mist' by Eden (Earthbound)
- 'Appealing Skies' by Corpus Delicti (Obsessions)
- 'The Shallow Sea (Unreleased Version)' by Ikon (From Angels To Ashes)
- 'Emotion' by In Mitra Medusa Inri (Long Forgotten World)
- 'Temptation' by Violet Sky (Demo)
- 'Maldoror' by Droserae (Maxi EP)
- 'Barbara' by Dulac (Demo)
- 'Farewell Prize' by Black Ice (Before The First Light)
- 'Sinfonia En Mi No. 45' by Visioner (Darkwave From The South comp.)
- 'Oppression Depression' by The Bellicose Minds (The Buzz Of Howl Sessions)
- 'Lemming' by Ravensdiner (Smoke & Spotlight Vol. 5)

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