Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Playlist - 8 December, 2010

- 'Satanas Ex Machina' by Endvra (Black Eden)
- 'Wax And Wane' by Cocteau Twins (Garlands)
- 'Before The Storm' by Vestfalia's Peace (In The Night Time comp.)
- 'L'Echo Des Lumieres' by Exces Nocturne (L'Echo Des Lumieres)
- 'End Never Ends' by Avoid Catoblepone (Musiques de Chambre Froide)
- 'Dollhouse' by Switchblade Symphony (Serpentine Gallery)
- 'Creeping Death' by Calling Dead Red Roses (1985)
- 'L'Adieu' by Jacquy Bitch (Frustration)
- 'I Want' by Mephisto Walz (Insidious)
- 'Into The Last Fight' by The Hail Mary (What's That Fire? EP)
- 'Emmanuelle' by In Loving Memory (Phrenology EP)
- 'Aquella Muerte Que Sopla En Mi Rostro' by Flagelo Cleriga (Darkwave From The South comp.)
- 'A Dream Of Yesterday' by Screaming Dead (Death Rides Out)

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