Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Playlist - 22 December, 2010

- 'From The Blood Of The Ancient Ones' by Ah Cama-Sotz (The Way To Heresy)
- 'My Life Is My Infinity' by Cradle/Grave (Saper Vedere)
- 'Clawing Curtains' by The Read Letter (A Cat-Shaped Hole In My Heart)
- 'Je M'Ennui' by Trop Tard (Ils Etaient 9 Dans L'Obscurite)
- 'Death Isle' by Wunderlich Ausgang (Dyadique 91 comp.)
- 'Hamlet (Pow, Pow, Pow)' by The Birthday Party (Junkyard)
- 'Just A Lie' by Screaming For Emily (Scriptures EP)
- 'Maniac Dreamer' by Swans Of Avon (New Alternatives Vol. 4)
- 'Sanity Assassin' by Bauhaus (Burning From The Inside)
- 'The Judas In Me' by Subterfuge (A Bouquet Of Barbed Wire)
- 'Into The Abyss' by Sex Gang Children (Into The Abyss 7")
- 'Insect' by Xorcist (Nomad)

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