Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Playlist - 17 August, 2011

- 'Pretty Toy' by Velvet Acid Christ (Hex Angel (Utopia-Dystopia))
- 'In Light & Roses' by Seventh Dawn (The Age To An End Will Come)
- 'For A Day' by This Ascension (Tears In Rain)
- 'Always Dear Iris' by Skinner Box (The Playhouse)
- 'Rebecca' by Big Electric Cat (Dreams Of A Mad King)
- 'Shall I Carry The Budgie Woman?' by Bone Orchard (Stuffed To The Gills 12")
- 'Eternal Deep' by Mephisto Walz (Mephisto Walz mLP)
- 'The Sensuous Taste Of Hell' by Dead Souls Rising (Scented Garden)
- 'There's No Time To Recall' by Frozen Autumn (Fragments Of Memories)
- 'Es La Peste Negra' by La Peste Negra (Voices From Beyond)
- 'Discordia' by Vedova Virgo (Ectras Anemos)
- 'La Hora Marcada' by Dead Born Babies (demo)
- 'Fils de Frankenpire Vampirstein' by Elvira & The Bats (Zoundbies Vol. 1)
- 'Empty Men' by Luxury Stranger (Empty Men single)

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