Sunday, October 11, 2009

playlist 07 october, 2009

- "enter the hall of ice" by aghast (hexerei im zwielicht der finsternis)
- "nostromo" by love is colder than death (mental traveller)
- "hive" by red kerb kiss (dark eyed & starry they were vol.2)
- "k-pax" by kirlian camera (invisible front)
- "dark rooms" by da (dark rooms 7")
- "possession" by no tears (obsessions)
- "sapphire" by big electric cat (dreams of a mad king)*
- "slice of life" by bauhaus (burning from the inside)
- "under the gun" by sisters of mercy (a slight case of overbombing)
- "butterfly on a wheel" by the mission (butterfly on a wheel 7")
- "schizophrenie" by camp z (howly night)
- "bitter cold in a dry season" by scarlet's remains (the palest grey)
- "cauldron of cerridwen" by disjecta membra (a bouquet of barbed wire)

* feature album

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