Saturday, October 10, 2009

Playlist - 19 August, 2009

- 'Lunar Plexus' by Vox Populi! (Homme Femme Autruche Ou Radiateur)
- 'Clairvoyant' by The Seventh Dawn (The Age To An End Shall Come)
- 'Symbols Of The Sun' by Death In June (Rose Clouds of Holocaust)
- 'In Reaction To' by BurMONTER (Fell)
- 'Lady Winter' by Poetry Of Shadows (Spheres Of Knowledge)
- 'Les Jeux Sont Faits' by Bohemien (Danze Pagane)
- 'Creeping Death' by Calling Dead Red Roses (1985)
- 'Paulette a La Place' by Opera Multi Steel (A Contresens)
- 'Alan's Waiting (Second Version)' by Little Nemo (L'Appel de la Muse)
- 'Deathwish' by Christian Death (Only Theatre Of Pain) *
- 'Night Stalker' by Superheroines (Kaliffornian Deathrock)
- 'Stereokatastrophe' by New Days Delay (Splitterelastisch)
- 'Permanent Red' by Usherhouse (Molting)

* feature album

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