Saturday, October 10, 2009

Playlist - 26 September, 2007

- "into the waves" by attrition (in the realm of the hungry ghosts)
- "when darkness falls" by novalis deux (a compilation 2)
- "we will not fall" by kommunity fk (the vision & the voice)
- "justine" by chants of maldoror (every mask tells the truth)
- "cobra combat boots" by the jacknives (cobra combat boots)
- "ruins of western civilisation" by the strange dolls cult (demo)
- "we need you" by the redresser (such is life)
- "velvet kiss (cherry mix)" by funhouse (new alternatives 3)
- "mr self destruct" by soft cell (say hello to...)
- "louise" by the clan of xymox (louise)
- "wasting my shame" by fake the envy (as they fall...)
- "yearning" by haujobb (homes & gardens)
- "parasites" by mechanised convulsions (questionable normality)

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