Saturday, October 10, 2009

Playlist - 29 April, 2009

- "hymn to pan" by psychonaut (witches sabbath)
- "fields of fire" by ostara (the only solace)
- "in sacrilege" by death in june (the wall of sacrifice)
- "lucifer over london" by current 93 (lucifer over london)
- "hell is a place on earth" by kutna hora (will or nothing)
- "the world shrugged" by sol invictus (in the rain)
- "untitled II" by the moon lay hidden beneath a cloud (the smell of blood but victory)
- "blessed frost" by harvest rain (songs from evening)
- "raven chant" by of the wand and the moon (nighttime nightrhymes)
- "zoroaster" by the protagonist (a rebours)
- "we said destroy" by death in june (abandon tracks!)
- "time of the wolf" by gg alan bindig (nightfall)

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