Thursday, October 22, 2009

playlist 21 october, 2009

- "suspended in frozen misery" by a murder of angels (while you sleep)
- "impossible gardens" by bitstream dream (12 tales)
- "tsunami (mudra mix)" by rhea's obsession (re:initiation / the mudra mixes)
- "dead flowers" by belle of chaos (belle of chaos)
- "friggavisur" by purnama (new dark age vol.4)
- "rapito da vento" by avantgarde (in the night time)
- "hall of fame" by gotterdammerung (a body & birthmark)
- "elohim (live)" by ikon (ikon / the redresser split 7")
- "eternal deep" by mephisto walz (crocosmia)
- "banshee" by antiworld (collection)
- "paris skyes" by big electric cat (dreams of a mad king)*

* feature album

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