Saturday, October 10, 2009

Playlist - 5 September, 2007

- "shoah" by lucie cries (gothic enigma vol.1)
- "cry for happy by dronning maudland (aphorism)
- "assassin 64" by james ray & the performance (gothic rock vol.1)
- "one more time" by clan of xymox (farewell)
- "better off dead" by pins & needles (pins & needles)
- "breathe the jackal" by beyond dawn (revelry)
- "teenage vampire" by killing miranda (teenage vampire)
- "aliens wear sunglasses" by miguel & the living dead (alarm)
- "vision thing" by kindred spirits (no room for laughter)
- "europe in dust" by eurocide (europe in dust)
- "water to the dead" by ego likeness (water to the dead)
- "hurting for the first time" by wolfsheim (spectators)
- "winterborn" by the cruxshadows (ethernaut)

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